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Value your time
Skedy is a collaboration, productivity, project oriented software platform with a set of handy tools designed to save you time when you work with a desktop computer

The best of the desktop + The best of the web
Skedy platform makes you more productive. Below you see why...

Project Management
Skedy is all about projects. Projects are one of the core concepts of Skedy. Almost everything in Skedy can be related to a project

You have the option of normal email and email express

Email Networks
Share files and run commands on remote computers by means of email messages

Agenda Events
Easily create agenda events linked to your projects and transform email messages into calendar events

Your notes grouped by projects. Create them from scratch or from email messages

All of your tasks can be grouped by projects. Automatically transform email messages in tasks

Diary Events
Register daily events in one place. Make it also from email messages. Group them by projects

Check Lists
A tool to quickly make lists of diverse matters

As with tasks, events and notes, you can create contacts from scratch or transform email messages into contacts

Profile is another one of the key concepts of Skedy. Mixing personal and professional affairs is not recommendable. Furthermore, mixing affairs of different companies is also not good. Skedy has a solution for this problem making it possible to you the creation of any number of profiles

Cloud Storage
Skedy serves you cloud storage through Microsoft's OneDrive. All of your Skedy's data can be stored in OneDrive

Custom Windows
Custom windows creation is a great feature of Skedy. You can create custom windows pointing to any folder on your machine and to web sites

Skedy offers you many ways of linking to files and to web sites. You have also many ready made windows with links to various relevant web sites

Windows Accessories
From inside Skedy you can launch some Window's utilities, such as Calculator, Paint, Sticky Notes, Control Panel, Screen Capture, Sound Recorder and others

Closed Circuit Collaboration
With Skedy you can create a closed circuit collaboration system to a group of coworkers, with no undesired messages, no spams


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